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Selectatrack Player

Selectatrack Player, the perfect companion to your Selectatrack On Demand subscription.

Take your karaoke nights to the next level!

Selectatrack Player is the most advanced and simple to use karaoke hosting solution available, designed by professionals from the ground up to be the most cutting edge and feature packed karaoke system in the world. Although the system can be used with a mouse & keyboard, it has been optimized for use on touchscreen devices for a user experience unlike any other.

A FREE basic version of the software is now available exclusively for Selectatrack On Demand customers. The software has the Selectatrack On Demand karaoke streaming service built in, meaning you can login to your SATOD account and easily search, browse & instantly stream tracks from the SATOD service.


Selectatrack On Demand Integration

Enter your SATOD login information to allow instant streaming of the entire SATOD catalogue of 20,000 high definition songs, the world’s largest streaming catalogue.

Selectatrack SongShop Integration

In the unlikely event the song you want to sing isn't available on the On Demand service, easily search and browse the full Selectatrack SongShop and instantly buy/download tracks direct to your library. With over 150,000 tracks from the world’s best karaoke manufactures it’s the world’s largest karaoke SongShop.

Touchscreen Compatible

If you have a touchscreen device the software is fully functional without a mouse & keyboard, giving a touchscreen karaoke experience like no other!

Song Search & Playlist Creator

Easily search/browse songs and create playlists with singer names making managing your event a breeze.

Key Change

Adjust the key of the music to match the singers' voice

Second Screen For Lyrics

Easily connect a second screen/TV using the windows display settings to display the song lyrics. If no second screen is connected easily maximise the preview screen in the software to show the song lyrics in full screen on your computer.


Allow the software to automatically run through all of the songs in your playlist for non-stop karaoke fun. Even adjust the pause between songs to your desired length.


Easily switch off guide vocals on Multiplex style karaoke tracks


Click link below to download now for FREE (requires Windows Vista or later)

To ensure successful installation please refer to included README file before starting install


Main Screen

Selectatrack Player Free - playlist

Add Singer Names

Selectatrack Player Free - add singer

Options Menu

Selectatrack Player Free - options

For additional features upgrade to the PRO version, more info available at
Demo mode - tracks are limited to 30 seconds
load next song